Lymphatic filariasis

Kiribati eliminates lymphatic filariasis

Kids in Abaiang, Kiribati/Naomi T.

7 October 2019 | Geneva -- Years of prevention, care and surveillance has paid off.

Kiribati is the latest country acknowledged by the World Health Organization (WHO) for eliminating lymphatic filariasis as a public health problem.

66顺彩票app The Pacific island nation now joins 9 other countries in WHO’s Western Pacific Region, including 6 others worldwide to have achieved this status.

Despite challenges, Yemen eliminates lymphatic filariasis

15 August 2019 | Geneva | Sana’a --After more than two decades of sustained control and prevention measures, Yemen has eliminated lymphatic filariasis as a public health problem.

It now becomes the second country after Egypt to have been validated in the World Health Organization’s Eastern Mediterranean Region.

66顺彩票app News of this remarkable success comes at a time when Yemen is facing difficult times as a result of war, civil unrest and insecurity.

Lymphatic filariasis: 465 million treatments delivered through expanded coverage, combined medicines

08 November 2018 | Geneva ?? Expansion of programmes to eliminate lymphatic filariasis (also known as elephantiasis) and an expected increase in the implementation of a new 3-drug regimen can accelerate the global elimination of this debilitating neglected tropical disease.

66顺彩票app As progress against lymphatic filariasis continues, data released by WHO show that 465.4 million people were treated for the disease in 2017.

WHO validates 3 more countries for eliminating lymphatic filariasis

?RTI International/Nguyen Minh Duc

8 October 2018 | Geneva | Manila –– In a sign of continued global progress against lymphatic filariasis, the World Health Organization (WHO) today congratulated three more countries in its Western Pacific Region for having eliminated the disease as a public health problem.
Palau, Viet Nam and Wallis and Futuna now join 11 other countries that have already been validated by WHO for achieving this milestone.
66顺彩票app Representatives from the three countries received a document recognizing their countries’ achievement during today’s opening of the Regional Committee in Manila, Philippines.

Samoa rolls out triple drug therapy to accelerate elimination of lymphatic filariasis

24 August 2018 | Manila | Geneva –– Samoa has become the first country to implement the new triple drug regimen recommended by WHO for the treatment of lymphatic filariasis (LF), a disabling and disfiguring neglected tropical disease.

Annual mass treatment of the entire eligible population of Samoa began on 14 August and is expected to be completed by 26 August.

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