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Leprosy elimination

Leprosy: new data show steady decline in new cases

9 September 2019 | Geneva | New Delhi ? Global leprosy data for 2018 show a decrease, with less than 8500 new cases at the end of 2018 than in 2017.
Increased cases registered in some parts of the world are attributed to improved contact screening, in addition to leprosy control activities.
66顺彩票app India, which has the highest global burden, reported a drop of almost 15000 cases over the past two years.

Somalia: rehabilitating public health services and enhancing treatment coverage for leprosy

Dr Pemmaraju/WHO
WHO personnel supported by staff of Somalia’s Ministry of Health
examine a leprosy patient in a clinic in Mogadishu, Somalia

27 March 2019 | Geneva ?? The World Health Organization (WHO) is supporting Somalia to revive its leprosy elimination programme after years of conflict that disrupted the country’s entire public health system.

66顺彩票app Almost 5000 new cases of leprosy have been detected during the past four years, with case numbers increasing substantially from 107 in 2015 to 2610 in 2018.

WHO to publish first official guidelines on leprosy diagnosis, treatment and prevention

?J.A. Tueller

28 June 2018 | Geneva -- The World Health Organization will publish its first guidelines on leprosy to support the formulation of national policies on leprosy as well as help clinicians better manage the disease.
The guidelines, part of renewed global efforts to eliminate the disease, have been developed through evidence-based recommendations.
Previous leprosy guidance documents were developed through meeting reports and other technical documents.

Leprosy: world focused on ending transmission among children

The Nippon Foundation

26 January 2018 |Geneva| New Delhi –– Despite the availability of free medicines, diagnostics and strong political support the transmission of leprosy infection is continuing.

On World Leprosy Day, the World Health Organization has called on countries, partners and the global community to focus on achieving zero child infection by 2020.

66顺彩票app In 2016, nine out of every 100 new infections involved children.

Leprosy – improved reporting, active case-finding and enhanced data collection reveal hidden cases


18 September 2017 | Geneva | New Delhi –– The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported a modest increase in the number of new leprosy cases during 2016.

The increase – mainly linked to improved active case-finding and enhanced data collection – is part of a recently introduced 'consolidated' online reporting system. A total of 2810 additional cases were notified in 2016 compared with 2015.

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