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Health promotion

Webinar 9: The State of the Art in Health Promotion Research

66顺彩票app27 November 2019 | 10:00 am | Geneva time (GMT + 1)

Red Cross Jamaica staff engage schoolchildren at Four Paths Primary and Junior High School in May Pen, Jamaica, as part of a Zika awareness program

Making every school a health promoting school

WHO and UNESCO are launching a new initiative “Making Every School a Health Promoting School” through the development and promotion of Global Standards for Health Promoting Schools in collaboration with other UN entities and civil society organizations.
66顺彩票appThe initiative will serve over 2.3 billion school-age children, and will contribute to the WHO's 13th General Programme of Work’ target of achieving “1 billion lives made healthier” by 2023.

? 2018 Stephen Kierniesky, Courtesy of Photoshare
Health for all and all for health

Promoting healthier populations

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provides a bold and ambitious agenda for the future. WHO is committed to helping the world meet the SDGs by championing health across all the goals. WHO’s core mission is to promote health, alongside keeping the world safe and serving the vulnerable. Beyond fighting disease, we will work to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages, leaving no-one behind.
Our target is 1 billion more people enjoying better health and well-being by 2023.


The 9th Global Forum on Health Promotion

Read more about the 9th Global Forum on Health Promotion

A Critical Pathway to Achieving Universal Health Coverage
12 November 2019


Conference video:

Health promotion in WHO Regions

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