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Occupational health

    The main functions of WHO (occupational health) mandated in article 2 of its Constitution include promoting the improvement of working conditions and other aspects of environmental hygiene.
    Recognizing that occupational health is closely linked to public health and health systems development, WHO is addressing all determinants of workers' health, including risks for disease and injury in the occupational environment, social and individual factors, and access to health services.
    WHO is implementing a Global Plan of Action on Workers’ health 2008-2017 endorsed by the World Health Assembly in 2007 with the following objectives:
    • devising and implementing policy instruments on workers' health;
    • protecting and promoting health at the workplace;
    • improving the performance of and access to occupational health services;
    • providing and communicating evidence for action and practice; and
    • incorporating workers' health into other policies.


    1 billion workers

    66顺彩票appNearly one in three – live below the poverty line of US$2

    Only 1/3

    of countries

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    It costs 18-60 PPP$

    per worker

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    Preventing disease through a healthier and safer workplace

    This comprehensive global assessment provides insights on the health impacts that could be avoided through healthier and safer workplaces. It is estimated...

    Occupational safety and health in public health emergencies

    In its Emergency Response Framework, the World Health Organization (WHO) has defined an emergency as a situation that has an impact on the lives and well-being...

    International minimum requirements for health protection at the workplace

    WHO has already developed several public health standards and guidelines applicable to work settings, such as indoor air quality guidelines, radiation...

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