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Health technology assessment

Health technology assessment

HTA is the systematic evaluation of properties , effects and/or impacts of health technologies and interventions. It covers both the direct, intended consequences of technologies and interventions and their indirect, unintended consequences

News and events

2015 Report of global survey on Health Technology Assessment by National Authorities

This report summarises the methods and main findings of the WHO 2015 Global Survey on HTA. This survey was aimed at HTA conducted by government or national institutes. It was undertaken in response to World Health Assembly Resolution 67.23. This resolution, ‘Health intervention and technology assessment in support of universal health coverage’ called on the WHO Secretariat to assess the status of HTA globally.

Report: Developing an approach for using health technology assessments in reimbursement systems for medical products
This report was developed during a two day meeting in Geneva, in July, 2015. It discusses the use of health technology assessment (HTA) in low and middle income countries (LMIC), including aspects of its use in relation to medicine and health technologies, pricing policies and reimbursement decisions.

Developing an approach for using health technology assessments in reimbursement systems for medical products. July 2015

HTA Survey assessing the status of HTA in Member States

In February 2015, WHO requested Member States to nominate a national HTA focal point and complete a questionnaire assessing the status of the use of HTA principles. This Survey would allow the WHO to better support Member States in strengthening capacity for HTA. Final report will be available November, 2015.

WHO and HTAi in official relations

In January 2015, HTAi became an NGO in official relations with WHO. WHO participated in workshops, parallel and plenary sessions at the HTAi Annual in Oslo on June 15-17, 2015.

Resolutions on Health Technology Assessment


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