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New approach needed to tackle parasitic liver disease in Europe and Turkey

31 August 2018 | Geneva ?? For the first time, a study conducted in Europe and Turkey, has provided the real burden and prevalence of a parasitic infection that causes liver disease.

The study on cystic echinococcosis shows this disease is little known, poorly understood and remains asymptomatic and undetected in many cases.

The introduction of new policies, disease awareness programmes and control measures are crucial, particularly in endemic rural areas.

Community health workers, one-health approach contribute to control hydatid disease in rural Argentina

4 July 2018 | Geneva –– The indigenous Mapuche communities in Argentinan Pantagonia rely on their sheep and goats for survival as resources in their area are scarce.

Control of echinococcosis is therefore crucial to their livelihood.

66顺彩票app An exemplary ‘One Health’ approach – involving strong community participation, veterinary services and public health – has produced positive results over the years, with reduced incidence of cystic echinococcosis in both humans and livestock.

Chengdu Declaration on cestode infections calls for global collaboration into research and control

?Sheng Li/Reuters

13 December 2017 | Chengdu | Geneva –– Countries with high prevalence of cestode infections are to set up a network of global cooperation and capacity building to accelerate their control.

These poverty-related parasitic infections are widely prevalent among subsistence farmers.

The Chinese Belt and Road Initiative can offer an ideal platform to accelerate control of these diseases through projected development of rural areas, contributing to economic gains and poverty reduction.

Summary on the meeting of WHO Informal Working Group on Echinococcosis (WHO-IWGE)

Clinical management of CE - WHO/HTM/NTD/NZD/2017.01

06 December 2017 | Geneva –– On 6 October, 2017, the Steering Group of the WHO Informal Working Group on Echinococcosis (WHO-IWGE) met in Algiers, Algeria.

66顺彩票app The Group prioritized the development of a cystic echinococcosis (CE) technical manual as an output planned to be published by mid of 2018. The subgroup on alveolar echinococcosis (AE) named the lead contributors to the planned parallel work on AE. The CE and AE subgoups will work closely together to coordinate their work.

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