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Thirteenth general programme of work 2019?2023

Major global health gains have been made in recent years, yet complex, interconnected threats − from poverty and inequality to conflict and climate change – remain.

Based on the Sustainable Development Goals, the 13th General Programme of Work (GPW) sets out WHO’s strategic direction for the next five years. It also outlines how the Programme will be implemented and provides a framework to measure progress.

The central focus of GPW 13 is impact in countries. It articulates WHO’s mission to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable.

66顺彩票appGPW 13 is structured around key interconnected strategic priorities:

  • ensuring healthy lives and well-being for all at all ages;
  • achieving universal health coverage;
  • addressing health emergencies and promoting healthier populations.

These priorities are linked to three bold targets:

  • One billion more people to benefit from universal health coverage.
  • One billion more people better protected from health emergencies; and,
  • One billion more people enjoying better health and well-being.

They are supported by three strategic shifts:

  • stepping up leadership;
  • driving public health impact in every country; and,
  • focusing global public goods on impact.

WHO is committed to ensuring gender equality, equity and rights-based approaches to health that enhance participation, build resilience and empower communities.


Making WHO fit-for-purpose

To boost impact for the people we serve, WHO announced the most wide-ranging reforms in the Organization’s history66顺彩票app in March 2019.

WHO’s transformation, aligned with the wider United Nations reform agenda, also aims to enhance our normative and technical work to ensure it better meets the needs of all 194 Member States.

Our goal is clear - to make WHO a modern organization that works seamlessly to make a measurable difference in people’s health at country level.

There are five key elements:

  • The GPW
  • A new operating model
  • Fit-for-purpose processes and tools
  • Organizational culture and staff engagement
  • New external engagement actions and new partnerships


66顺彩票appAfter establishing our new strategy, the GPW13, we embarked on a radical redesign of our core processes and operating model to enable our vision of a WHO that works seamlessly to deliver on the triple billion targets and beyond.

WHO Headquarters adopts the new structure in January 2020, and Regional and Country Offices are restructuring and aligning to the new model.


GPW13 WHO Results Framework

66顺彩票appTargets and Indicators




WHA 72/5




Financial estimates for GPW13

66顺彩票app16 May 2018


Financial Estimate for the 13th General Programme of Work (2019-2023)

66顺彩票appProjet de treizième programme général de travail, 2019‐2023 : estimation financière

Estimación financiera para el 13.º Programa General de Trabajo (2019-2023)

Финансовая оценка затрат на выполнение Тринадцатой общей программы работы (2019-2023 гг.)

关于《2019-2023 年第十三个工作总规划》的 财务估算

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WHO Expert Reference Group on the Draft GPW13: Preliminary Report May 2018

Expert Reference Group on the Draft GPW13

Also available in


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